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North Dakota Collaborative Divorce Group

Krislea Wegner


About Krislea

Welcome to the collaborative law website. I am Dr. Krislea Wegner, a Licensed Psychologist, and one of the child specialists on the team. I became involved in collaborative law to help families navigate an often emotionally intense and disruptive process, with a strong focus on the best interests of the children. It is my goal to represent the voice to the children; their needs, wants and wishes with regard to the new family design.

Validating the fears and other emotions of the children, while teaching coping mechanisms and problem solving skills is a typical role of the child specialist. Parents often benefit from consultation on how to continue to be a family without being married. I have specialized in work and research with families and children and have a strong passion for aiding families during difficult transitions.

Please see my professional website for additional information and I look forward to getting to know your family. 


3220 18th Street South Suite 6
Fargo ND 58104
Phone: 701-361-0433