Ms. Gail Nelson Ms. Gail Nelson

Divorce Coach 

M.Ed., LPC


About Gail -

I've been a mediator for over 20 years and have been able to help hundreds of parties in conflict come to better decisions because we provide an environment where both parties can say what they need to say. It is up to the parties in divorce to work out a plan that works for them.

Gail's Education -

Master's in Education; specialty training in conflict management

Licensed Counselor in North Dakota in private practice providing counseling to individuals, couples and families.

Gail's Articles -

What if your divorce could be different? by Gail Nelson, collaborative team member

What is Collaborative Divorce?

There is a growing trend that is taking root in how we get divorced. Over time the need for the "legal" divorce has been the primary product in the marketplace with the traditional attorney led actio   more...

Getting Unmarried?

When I was working with a support group for people who had recently gone through a divorce we had a woman who shared that her child asked the question: “Why are you and Daddy getting unmarried?” She   more...

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Ms. Gail Nelson
222 Broadway, Suite 206
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Phone: (701) 356-5544